Why I joined the Rotary

Donna Finocchiaro
After a sixteen year career in corporate finance and accounting, I started my own business in an effort to share my talents with others in a meaningful way. I have served on multiple non-profit boards offering ideas and organizational skills, volunteered my industry resources on two Extreme Home Makeovers, and launched three new businesses in the past ten years to help individuals and business get better organized. My role as a Glastonbury Rotary Club member allows me to reach my local community as well as have an international impact, something that I could not have achieved on my own, and also allows me to bring new ideas to the club for the betterment of others just outside our community. As chairperson for many club activities, I have enlisted the support of dozens of Rotary members and gained their support on meaningful fundraisers and community support initiatives. I joined Rotary in Nov 2008 and plan to be a member for a very long time.