january 29th, 2024
glastonbury little league's latest project
Our guests were Glastonbury Little League President Don Longtin and Majors Commissioner Juan Ruiz.  The last time Don visited Rotary was 1991 when the League was in need of help on Ross Field.  He praised the response from Rotary members to help complete Ross Field noting the impact it's had on young players for more than two decades.  The Little League is currently raising money for improvements to the field at Riverfront...soon to be renamed Heroes Field in honor of members of the military, policemen, and firefighters.  They are working to replace the lights at the field with LED lights.  The current lights are expensive to change.  They will also be constructing a monument at the entrance with the new name and 3 pillars to honor those who serve.  The league is halfway through their fundraising goal of $220,000.
There will be rotating Sergeant at Arms and last night, Rich Rapp was up!  He talked about how he took a stab at the position years ago, but joked that Jon Lord said he was missing the point.  Rich decided to stick with his own routine anyway.  
-A happy buck in honor of Kevin Flanagan for putting on a stellar holiday party at 2 Hopewell. 
-Happy bucks from all Kansas City Chiefs and San Fran 49's fans and from UConn fans after the smackdown from the men's team against Xavier Sunday at the XL Center. 
-Jill Kehl's daughter got married on short notice this past Sunday.  She called Jill on Tuesday of last week and said she was getting married Sunday so Jill had just days to plan the wedding.  She pulled it off like a boss (per usual!). 
-Rich ended with a little "On this Day in History" which included the 1st members inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936 and that Robert Frost died.  He ended with a reading of "The Road Not Taken".  We love ya Rich!
-And, oh, does everyone know that Don Wilson doesn't eat bacon?  Do we trust him?  Last night's meal included several bacon toppings so the staff had to bring him a special plate of lettuce.  We love you too Don!


Fireside Chats are coming up in March and President Donna is looking for a few more volunteers to host.  Reach out if you are interested. 
The Scholarship Board met and voted to keep the scholarships the same.  We will continue to offer a $25,000 regular scholarship and a $5,000 trade scholarship to students at GHS.
The Lobsterfest Committee met last night and identified some of the concerns chairs had with resources and equipment.  They are currently moving along with wireless capabilities and looking into hiring professional security to handle any potential door issues. 
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