Glastonbury Rotary Club

The Glastonbury Rotary Club has been in existence since 1948. Most of the town’s residents have had their lives touched by a Rotary service, project or donation.

In 1979, the club formed and funded the Glastonbury Rotary Club Scholarship Fund Corporation. 48 students have received a scholarship since then – 29 females and 19 males.12 students received one time grant awards from 1999-2005.

Since 1979, the Glastonbury Rotary Scholarship Fund has awarded $594,600 in scholarships and grants to 60 students.

The most popular school for scholarship winners has been- U Conn, where 12 students have matriculated.  Penn State, New York University, Yale, Bryant College, Babson College and Boston University are all in second place with 2 students each. There were two recipients for our scholarship awards in 2017 – one received a $25,000 college scholarship payable over 4 years and one received a $5000 trade school scholarship payable over the required attendance period.

Glastonbury Rotary has greatly impacted the lives of these young individuals and their families and is very proud of this extraordinary accomplishment.

Glastonbury Rotary Club 2020-21 President Debbie Eisenburg was proud to name Woodrow Baird as 2021 winner of the Paul Harris Award.  The Glastonbury Rotary Club gives the award annually to a person who best exemplifies the ideals of Rotary by following the motto of “Service above Self “.    

The award is the highest given in Rotary and is memory of its founder Paul Harris.

We built the Concession Stand at Glastonbury High School in 2008.  Was looking quite shabby, so 15 Rotarians  power washed the entire building recently.  Looks like new!